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Personal responsibility is a choice, and you have the power to choose the way you want to control your gambling situation. There is no embarrassment in confidence that allows you to set your own term time frames when you know you need time away from a casino. Our programs help you decide what type of personal control you want to be established within our establishments, and how you want us to assist you.  Whether self-banning from Mescalero tribal casinos only or all casinos in the state of New Mexico is something you or a court has chosen, this is the place to begin. 


Exclude Everywhere

Set Your

Own Limits

Mescalero Apache Tribal Casinos Only

State-Wide Self-Exclusion 

Personal Control Options

Self-ban is a tool provided for those individuals who realize that they have a gambling problem but also realize that they need help staying out of the casinos.

Download the forms to get started now.

A statewide self-exclusion (which includes all racetracks/casinos and tribal gaming facilities in New Mexico) may be put in place by contacting the New Mexico Gaming Control Board (NMGCB) at They may be reached by calling (505) 841-9700 or visiting the office at 4900 Alameda Blvd NE in Albuquerque, and also available through the Mescalero Responsible Gaming Program.

Self-exclusion is a voluntary process where a person with a gambling problem excludes themselves from gambling venues or specific areas at gambling venues. The opportunity to self-exclude is not a guarantee that some gamblers will not return to the casino, but it can be a helpful deterrent. A self-exclusion is a self-help tool for people that have a gambling problem and allows one to take a break and reassess the issues caused by his/her gambling patterns.

A self-exclusion can be put in place for a single casino or racetrack by going to the specific gambling establishment and asking a member of Security or Management for a self-exclusion form. The length of the self-exclusion may vary from property to property. Some casinos will allow you to visit a restaurant or concert venue once you are on the voluntary exclusion list. Others restrict you from the entire property.

How is compulsive gambling treated?

It begins with a phone call: (888) 696-2440, to the New Mexico Council on Problem Gambling, (NMCPG). The NMCPG is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing education and awareness to all citizens of New Mexico. The NMCPG does crisis intervention and referrals, including education and prevention. The NMCPG does not receive any proceeds from their referrals.

You may also call the Responsible Gaming Program at the Mescalero Apache Tribal Gaming Commission

These two organizations will provide you information and referrals to certified counselors who can provide treatment for compulsive gambling problems.

For Confidential Assistance, Call:

New Mexico Council on Problem Gambling (888) 696-2440
Responsible Gaming Program (575) 464-7106

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