Know the signs:

Many compulsive gamblers work hard to hide their addiction. As their gambling addiction increases, it becomes difficult to gamble responsibly.

Social gamblers:

  • Gamble on occasion

  • Stick to their limits

  • Hope to win, but expect to lose

  • Can "take it" or "leave it"

Compulsive gamblers may:

  • Use gambling as a coping strategy, which is often identified as an escape from underlying pain.

  • Rely on the excitement of gambling to make themselves feel good.

  • Wager higher amounts, also known as chasing, in the belief they can win back their losses.

  • Believe they are just one BIG win away from getting out of debt.

  • Hide their gambling from family and friends, often lying about money.

  • See their financial problem to evolve into an emotional problem.

  • Become emotionally, mentally, and physically distressed.

Problem gamblers may:

  • Play frequently

  • Borrow money to support playing

  • Expect to win

  • Keeps playing wins in the hope to gain back losses

  • Feel the need to be secretive about gambling

  • Have family that is concerned

  • Lives for gambling opportunities

  • Become defensive about gambling issues

  • Lose time from work due to gambling

Pathological gambling:

  • a chronic disorder resulting in the loss of control over gambling

Gambling addiction, also known as compulsive gambling, is a type of impulse-control disorder. 

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Compulsive Gambling


It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to participate in any form of gambling in New Mexico.

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Underage Gambling


A new and easily accessible, minor habit of gambling may become a potentially devastating pastime.

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Responsible Gambling:

“Responsible Gambling” is a broad concept and involves the conduct of gambling in a manner whereby the potential for harm associated with gambling is minimized. It respects the responsibility of individuals for their own actions, but also acknowledges a responsibility on the part of the service providers.

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